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Why is Social Media Monitoring Important for Your Brand & Business?

If you have been hearing about Social Media Monitoring from somewhere, it is a sign that you might already be on the right track in improving your brand or business. However, do you know how prominent social media monitoring tools are in this digital era?

Keep in mind, though—it is true that monitoring tools can help you improve your business, but this does not necessarily apply to all analytic tools that are currently available in the market.

The analytic tools that can in fact improve your business are the ones that have sentiment analysis, real-time insight, automated report generator, and social listening as a feature—as we have listed below. 

  • Sentiment Analysis

As we all know, the “chitter-chatter” that took place on the internet can be rapid and extensive. Sometimes it could also affect the reputation or credibility of a brand or product. What’s even worse is that sometimes the business owners themselves were rarely aware of the matter until it went viral on social media. So, before it happens, it is crucial to track the conversation on the internet, especially the ones mentioning your brand or product.

Some social media monitoring tools are already able to track these mentions and even give a score to each comment or any “chitter-chatter” on the internet about your brand–and this feature is called sentiment analysis.

With sentiment analysis, you can utilize the knowledge about how your audience is perceiving your brand on social media and prevent any crisis from spiraling out of control. 

  • Real-time Insight

On social media, trends are ever-changing. It even changes in a matter of hours or even now as you read this article. If you miss out on trends, you won’t get to utilize momentum and your business won’t obtain the awareness it deserves.

Therefore, real-time insight analysis is crucial in analytic tools since it can track the emerging trends across social media channels in real-time—which means that you will never miss out the perfect moment to utilize it. It can also give you precious insights regarding the trends that are most suitable for your business. 

  • Automated Report Generator

Doing the labor of manually gathering data is a very gruesome work for digital marketers. Although it seems like an easy job, it just takes too much of your precious time.

This is why an automated report generator feature is needed when it comes to social media monitoring. Not only does it provide you with an automated report in the form of excel or slides, it could also save hours of work without you breaking any unnecessary sweat.

In addition, it is also very helpful in gathering, cleansing, and tabulating data into a comprehensive report.

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) Technology

Last but not least, you might also want to look for an NLP technology feature on your social media monitoring tools. NLP is probably one of the most powerful technologies not all analytic tools possess. Some of the advantages in using NLP-based technology are:

  • Generating data from voice-based or speech search on more advanced tools
  • Understanding the semantic context from data to avoid any disambiguation
  • Further amplifying the sentiment analysis feature

After reading this article, you are now aware of how important social media monitoring really is for your brand or business. 


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