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AI Driven Data for Market Leading Intelligence

The competition for attention is fierce in the dynamic media marketplace, so dataxet:nama reimagined how monitoring and listening data can help customers compete at scale and speed.

Integrated Intelligence Platform

Our AI-enabled technology and commitment to service are resonating across Southeast Asia.

– What topics are gaining attention and traction?

– What are the most influential sources and key voices?

– What potential issues do we need to track?

– How effectively are we communicating?

– Whats driving engagement in your category?

– How is our content performing vs. our competitors?

– How are people feeling about our brand?

– How can we leverage different platforms for more impact?

– How do I identify the best influencers for my brand?

– What’s driving influencer attention and engagement?

– How do I activate and influencer strategy?

– What are buyers saying about our products?

– How do our sales and distribution correlate to our social and digital activity?

– Which trends are most relevant to our business?

– Why are specific topics trending?

– How are trends influencing audiences?

– How can we create and activate high performing content?

– What gaps do we need to address to improve campaign performance?

– Where do we get the greatest impact from our social investment?

" When it comes to media monitoring and media analysis dataxet:nama is the brand that will pop up in our mind, a trusted and responsive media monitoring agency. they delivered real time news, comprehensive and accurate analysis to our communication team to plan our communication strategies "

Strategic Communication Section
SIRIM Berhad

Insight Reports

We build our reports around customer goals and challenges, so insights are relevant, timely and actionable.

– Where are the competitive gaps and opportunities?

– How does the category compete for engagement?

– What are the key benchmarks for evaluating performance?

– What drives sentiment and perceptions

– Which trends can our brand leverage?

– How can our communications tap into fast-moving trends?

– How is content influencing perceptions?

– Where are each brand’s strengths and weaknesses?

– How do different channels affect brand reputation?

– What messaging are audiences most interested in?

– What drives positive versus negative sentiment for them?

– How are they responding to competing brands?

– Which channels are they engaging with?

What are you biggest questions and issues? We can design a report that delivers the insights you need to address the challenges you face

Measure the tangible impact of your campaigns. Our reports compile different metrics such as sentiment, reach, impact and more for you to assess the value of your communication efforts.

We deliver timely notifications of important news stories when they are broadcasts so you will never miss and opportunity or risk signal again.

Our ads tracking covers vital information like placement, size and creatives and can even identify and report discrepancies like airing time error, transmission quality and misplacements.

The customer friendly service that has been provided by dataxet:nama has helped DBKL to monitor current developments on all media platforms more quickly and effectively.

Zurida Hashim
Jabatan Perancangan Korporate at Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur

Consultancy (EVO)

Fast moving news, content and conversation cycles offer great potential for gaining brand attention. But missteps can be costly. EVO is the first strategic framework built for the dynamic attention economy. It enables insightful, on-brand communication when the opportunity for attention and impact is greatest.

EVO is based on a simple yet powerful premise. Every source of audience impact falls into 3 brand drivers;

Experience, Values and Offers. This framework turns our platform data into insights that help elevate brand and campaign performance.

Consumer, category and cultural insights that your brand can leverage for better marketing campaigns

How your brand performs against competitors across the key attributes, messages and channels that influence reputation and audience engagement. The EVOScore provides a clear picture of where you stand versus the competition across the key brand drivers.

Guidance on how to leverage content and channels to drive better campaign performance. Pinpoint the messaging and channel strategies that generate the greatest impact along the consumer journey.

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